The Leaderboard™

The Leaderboard™ is an online global ranking system that allows you to compete amongst other players using your individual skill level based on Marks Per Round (MPR) or Points Per Dart (PPD).

This is not the same as "Remote Play" as seen on the commercial dartboards by Arachnid 360, known as BullShooter® machines. This is a system designed to better hone your skills. Whether it be on your own or with friends and family. It is a challenge to gain rank on the list and see how your skills match up to everyone else around the world on that same list. Hence The Leaderboard™.

This unique system will not only assist you in becoming a better dart player, but it will also allow you to win prizes. That's right, Spider 360 will award prizes for various Leaderboard™ events. During these events there will be a window of time to play and meet the criteria to win the prizes.

Here is how to access The Leaderboard™ and participate.

For any additional "How To" or instructional content check out the Support page here.