VTG Shuffleboard w/ Marquee

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VTG Shuffleboard Home Edition


Shuffleboard is a sport with a history that spans centuries. Spider 360 introduces the LED-illuminated and stylish VTG Shuffleboard.

Spider 360 introduces the LED-illuminated and stylish VTG Shuffleboard. Shuffleboard enthusiasts will be delighted that they can now play the sport from the comfort of their own homes without all the associated hassles that come along with owning a traditional shuffle table.

The VTG will accommodate a suitable setting in any home with its lightweight, modernized, and rugged plastic cabinet. The cabinet is comprised of a translucent tub with supporting black bases, all crafted with the latest advancements in rotational molding. It also includes an easy-to-clean and durable play surface and a large 32” LCD TV display.

Additionally, for convenience, two aesthetically integrated beverage holders emphasize the tubs face.

The VTG supports one to four players, each with their accompanying color highlighted on the display and the tub. It features traditional shuffle games, as well as a variety of other fun and challenging games, including Shuffle Alley bowling, which will engage beginners and experienced alike. Add in the simplicity of the user interface, exceptional in-game player recognition graphics, along with accompanying audio, and you have a game that not only emphasizes the thrill of the sport but also a game that the whole family can enjoy for many years to come.

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