Challenge Coin - Score

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The Challenge Coin has many stories of its origin and history over the years, many stemming from a military background. A Challenge Coin bearing an organization's logo was carried by member's of that organization to prove membership when challenged. Many of the stories about these special coins all seemed to share the same sentiment...a feeling of brotherhood/sisterhood.

We wanted to capture that same feeling with a design that fits well within the community of Dart Players.  This limited edition commemorative coin showcases the BullShooter 34 Bull logo along with the established date when Arachnid 360 was founded on the front side, while the rear of the coin showcases the rear of the Bull along with the tagline "Helping You Score".

Traditional etiquette that was established was to flip a coin to determine who throws first and has continued on to this day. This design not only plays into the history of Challenge Coins it also plays into the history of BullShooter Tournaments and Arachnid 360.   Now you can own the Official Challenge Coin of BullShooter!